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i really wanna write a paper called “towards a theory of the new media identity”

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sinclairsolutions asked: happy birthday friend!! i hope to see you soon!!1

!!! come to my party. the party which isn’t happening because i have friday morning classes.eughghgh college

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futurefantastic asked: *lazy talking my teeth voice* it is vry important that i wish u a happy birthday today in your time of need(ing justin hoggard to tell you happy birthday)

that is most times, regardless of whether it’s a birthday

you know what they say

a birthday wish from justin hoggard a day keeps the doctor away and grants eternal life

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thegeekyblonde asked: happy birthday you meme-loving fuck


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im feelin good? but i’m feelin sad???

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i can’t play the violin and my room mates would be angry at me for trying

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i have a bit of birthday money. what if i just

bought a violin

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animal40 said: 

we have the same birthday?!?!?

well one of us is gonna have to change

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so i’ll be 19 tomorrow

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i have three domains which are gonna become active on may 7


i’m very happy

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